Between now and 2120 we face great challenges:
climate change, clean energy, cyber security, inequality and automation, to name just a few.

The opportunities are even greater: big data, artificial intelligence, smart cities, driverless cars, 3D printing, augmented reality, and many more.

What do all these things have in common? They are complex, they are borderless and they are poised to change the way we learn, interact and live.

NEXT 100 is a series of public interactive events that explore how exponential technologies will impact the future of a number of spheres of public life including education, social interaction, art, entertainment and design.

We are bringing together innovators, educators, futurists, technologists, and leaders in business and art to debate these issues in front of a live audience.

Join us in imagining the future!



Founded in 2011, the Lassonde School of Engineering is an engineering faculty within York University that is creating a different kind of learning experience built on three founding principles:


Renaissance Curriculum

Lassonde students experience a broad “Renaissance” curriculum with integrated courses in law and business taught in partnership with professional schools on campus.


Active Learning

Lassonde students learn by doing. They solve problems together, get real-world experience through co-op, passion projects, international ventures and entrepreneurship.


50:50 Challenge

Lassonde has set a challenge to be the first engineering school in Canada to reach 50:50 gender balance.

The Lassonde School of Engineering has been created to be the home of the Renaissance Engineer: a place where students are free to explore their passions and gain different perspectives from the world around them.

Renaissance Engineers think in big systems not little silos, design with people in mind, and embrace ambiguity.